3.5 things I do to find my normalcy amidst the chaos

Let's be honest, it hasn't been easy. Women & Men are social animals and finding a normal can indeed be tough. The constant engagement on social media only makes it tougher. Here are 3 things that I religiously do Monday to Sunday, each day everyday, to make myself feel - this is just normal. 

First, Start Early, Start Right. I start at 6:15am everyday [after snooze time], take a bath, dress up the way I would for work [except my shoes and the extra jackets to cover from the Chicago winter]. Don't shy to add a little make up or apply that hair gel. and lastly, not to forget my Woman Ambassadors' FLY HIGH or Karma ring. I then feel ready and in-charge of my day. Starting right is so integral to what you attract with the rest of your day. Sunday is an exception. 

Second, Meditate. 10minutes for yourself. How hard is it when you are home all day? Yes, you would have kids to take care of while juggling with work and kitchen. But this 10minutes just adds so much more value to the way we deal with everything else in life. I personally have been on and off meditation since few years, But since the start of lockdown in Chicago, I chose to reduce my news time and add a line of self care with meditation to my routine. You think you meditated while in sleep, or you don't need to today because you did it 3 days back. Dont underestimate the power of that 10minutes meditation. I generally practice the 20minute guided meditation by The Art of Living. Its free and deals with various emotions and situations. I sometimes switch to Calm app - You may download this on your phone if you are looking for basic 10minute guided programs. I skip meditation only if I am doing a yoga session that day. 

Last in my list but equally important, Good food. I am one of those whose way to the heart [and also to the mind] is through stomach and good food. Having said that, I make sure to eat timely and explore some creativity in the kitchen post work in the evenings. It's pure delight. Having said that, I ensure not to overeat or waste food. This is one of those times when this is critical than ever. 

and on my last half piece, amidst all the above, don't forget to laugh a little louder. With your family/on call/video. Just make it happen. 

Still finding it hard? Need additional resources? talk to us directly on aditi@womanambassadors.com We are in it #Together 


Aditi, Founder at Woman Ambassadors


  • Gerard

    Thanks for sharing Aditi! I follow these steps in similar way.
    Hope you guys are doing well!


    The massage is very adorable nd every one should follow it .it is good for both mind nd health .

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