3rd Year - the high low balance

Raising a toast to the the many highs of 2019. The move to Chicago last year for my marriage, gave me a chance to explore the business with a new dimension. While there surely was the feeling I wouldn't be able to see you through the many shows in India, I was excited with what this new city had in store for my passion. And let me share, Chicago has given such a welcoming response to our work.

Second, the launch of our new website, allowed us to reach to you at the convenience of your home. Check it out on www.womanambassadors.com if you haven't as yet.

Third, No matter where you are - India, Australia or USA, you can shop your favourite inspirations in your desired currency and get your jewelry at the doorstep.
COVID-19 has certainly come through as a challenge for our small business, questioning our survival and making us pivot the many rules we laid. Yet, sticking to our ethical practices to give back, we offered the final sale of 40% to mark this milestone. You have responded with enthusiasm and we totally appreciate your support.
I look forward to continue the strive, to bring in new inspirations in design for a #stronger #confident #happier You

Stay healthy
Aditi, Founder

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