5 Kickass women-owned businesses in Chicago

Women are constantly taking over the world, with their exceptional ideas and creative vision. With the pandemic, it has been quite challenging for small businesses, to flourish however they have been more than enthusiastic in their missions, and we can’t help but appreciate and support their amazing ventures. Here are some kickass businesses based in Chicago, led by some very strong, independent women, which we absolutely love!

Chill Anywhere

Being an avid meditation practitioner, we couldn’t help but admire Laura Sage’s wonderful initiative in promoting a destressing platform, for a more mindful life. Chill Anywhere helps people to practice mindfulness, and let go of all the stress in our lives! They have customised programmes, for beginners as well as regulars! Their unique features like the Mood Bar and Journal allows you to track your progress, as you dive deeper, into your meditation practice. Overall, our go-to app for relaxation.

Chill Founder, Laura Sage


Cyber Pop-up

Cyber Pop-up is the modern security platform, we all require. It is a team of cyber-security experts, who help to protect your network, from any threats and malware. Dr Christine Izuakor started this venture, out of her love, for doing pro-bono cybersecurity projects for non-profits, and their major mission is to give back to the community. They understand the need for affordable cyber-security, especially for small to medium business firms, and provide simple solutions to your otherwise big problems!

Cyber-Pop Founder , Dr Christine Izuakor


A very thoughtful team, based in Chicago working to preserve memories. They believe, saying the name of our loved ones that have passed and sharing their story, allows us to keep a continued bond with them, in order to heal a community and build a more empathetic world. The founders of LifeWeb360 started this enterprise to honour their friend Josh’s brother, who passed away in a fire. They made it their mission to help families like Josh's to keep their memories alive, as well as preserve their relationships with the people that lived those memories.

 LifeWeb360 Founder, Ali Briggs

Paris Laundry

Clean beauty is something we all need in our lives, and no one is doing it better than Paris Laundry! Founder, Kelsey Bucci launched Paris Laundry in 2018 to give other women the peace of mind and confidence in buying clean, high-quality skincare and lifestyle products, from her own experience with chemotherapy, which allowed her to understand the need for safe, high-quality products to feel confident in their purchases. They are also very active in the community, with 10% of all their purchases being donated to organizations supporting breast cancer research, patients, and survivors. Being a social brand ourselves, we absolutely love and admire their initiative to provide superior quality products, so people can feel confident and beautiful in their own battles!

Paris Beauty Founder, Kelsey Bucci
Bossy Chicago

Bossy Chicago is an incredible blessing to women and non-binary people in the business sector. Founder, Sam Fletcher believes that women and non-binary people should have just as much power in business as men do, for which she came up with Bossy Chicago, to shift the purchasing power, towards women-owned businesses. Their concept of having a women-owned directory, for a new restaurant, coffee shop, chiropractor, accountant and what not has revolutionised the role of women in business, and has given a voice to small business owners. We are lucky enough to be a part of Bossy Chicago’s Women-owned directory, and we are incredibly proud to be a part of this amazing concept!

Bossy Chicago Founder, Sam Fletcher

Be sure to check these amazing women out, and support their wonderful initiatives!



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