#73 years of Freedom

India has been a free nation, since 1947. But Freedom is a subjective concept, some may consider freedom, to be the liberty of doing anything they like, but for some, it might hold more value like speaking for themselves. Our country has been free for a while now, but has that led to an open and free mind? Its 2020 and we are still not so sure!

There still exists, gruesome realities like Child marriages, Domestic Violence and Animal Sacrifices, followed by urban issues, like Unemployment, Unequal pay and Religionalism. Some may sound, more extreme than the others, but these are some of the major problems that are always circulating in News Channels! But if we look closely, most of them are interrelated, to a common concept. You guessed it right! It’s a Progressive mindset. Having a broad outlook towards life can tremendously help to prevent some of these issues, and help our youth to a brighter and Kinder future.

But, we cannot expect our Country to be magically Rational in a day right? And nothing has ever been accomplished without a strong start. So, this Independence Day  instead of just preaching patriotism, let’s take a step to understand What we can do to Change, 

  • Signing Petitions- A very effortless and inexpensive way, to get your opinion heard. Here are some links, where you can sign those petitions! 
    1. https://www.oxfamindia.org/petitions
    2. https://www.thepetitionsite.com/
    3. https://www.change.org/

  • Donating for a cause- If you have the resources, to support a cause monetarily, don’t shy away to do so. There are a lot of Charities and Organisations, who are doing a great deal to help those in need. Find a charity, that aligns with your beliefs and extend your helping hand if you can! 
  • Educate yourself, Educate others - In our busy lives, we might always not be aware of certain issues, or maybe they are quite sensitive for us to acknowledge. Keeping an open mind and educating ourselves on these issues, would help our community a lot. Even if we don’t agree sometimes, we could always respect and support each other in our values and believes, and help understand each other.
  • Choose your leaders- We live in a democratic nation, where we are given the right to chose our own leaders, but we often don’t utilise that privilege. Voting is undoubtedly one of the greatest ways to vocalize our beliefs, which would help us see the change we expect. So, don’t forget to vote

Taking action is the first step to build a healthy nation, free of prejudices and filled with love and harmony. 73 Years might have gone by, but we can still make our 74th Count. Let’s come together, and work to make our country more harmonious and progressive, so we can hope to see a brighter future.


Deepti Dey

Team Woman Ambassadors

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