BIDE Virtual Market- June 28, 2020

Virtual events are the key to communicate with one another these days. Whether its a friendly Facetime or a productive Zoom Meeting, we are all connected with one another more than ever despite the social distancing. The current times have become quite difficult for art show events and we haven’t been able to meet each other for a while. However, We are constantly trying to improve our communication with you so that we can take care of each other and emerge stronger than ever, together


On 28th of June, BIDE, a vibrant community of Earth Advocates, allowed us the opportunity to showcase our products in their very First, Sustainable Luxury Virtual Market, which connected hundreds of eco-friendly and sustainable luxury vendors, all around the US who spoke very passionately about their brands and values. Woman Ambassadors was lucky enough to be a part of this amazing venture, alongside, 400 more like-minded, sustainable brands, whose stories inspired us to continue our journey of positivity and philanthropy.


This wonderful initiative by BIDE reminded us, “Why we do, What we do”. Especially in these crucial times, small businesses like ours could use all your love and support to overcome all the hardships and negativity in the world,  and #empowerforchange with positivity and gratitude in our hearts.


Deepti Dey

Team Woman Ambassadors

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