FLY HIGH feat. Vatsala Khetawat

WA Inspirational Diaries #4 || FLY HIGH


Not always you get inspired so much that you fall short of words to share the journey. This is one such share and I hope I garner the right words to do enough justice to this powerful soul better known as Aerospace Engineer and Space Scientist Vatsala Khetawat

Idolizing a warrior spirit and blending that with wisdom from the young age of 14, Vatsala envisioned to create her mark in the world of aerospace. Despite being bed ridden in grief for 8months, since her father kissed her a sudden goodbye, this school Deputy Head Girl fought life head on successfully clearing class 12 examinations. To craft a career in the skyline, Vatsala did a dual program in aerospace engineering and pilot training at Sheffield (UK). The further departures of loved ones naturally drifted her emotionally. But, yet, she chose to rise back. Rise to only FLY HIGH. Diving into aerobatic lessons, and sometimes lost, as a young scholar awardee Vatsala chose to learn (only) amidst experienced space professionals in Australia. Felicitated by past Indian President & Scientist Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for her extravagant show in the international aerospace industry, Vatsala chose to understand the domestic work at ISRO. With scholarship awards to back her spirits for a yet another Masters in France, this 22-year old made history by being the only one chosen for a year-long internship at NASA Ames Research Centre, USA from her class at International Space University. She is now set to create new records for herself in the area of Commercial Space industry. 
Rarely do we come across Kolkata Marwari girls at 27 to take such unconventional paths and redesign social norms. For such souls, are born to write their own destiny inspiring those around to #FLYHIGH into the spaces they call their own. I was amazed, as much as I am. I hope her story inspires you to take that path less travelled, because certainly if it was easy, it isn’t aspiring enough. 
Vatsala Khetawat - More power to you lady, and wish you nothing less than happiness on this venture. For whom the unknown spaces is the limit, I pray you continue to inspire others to #FLYHIGH with that Energy & Stay Beautiful as you are 


I embark on this venture alone. 
I carry belief in my eyes and courage in my wings. 
I shout out to the silence engulfing within. 
Jump in – and – take the Leap of Faith with me.

Fly High – with me.



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