How to find peace?

We always keep preaching positivity and mindfulness, but in reality, Is that so easy to attain? Not always, right? Sometimes, It can get really hard for us to stay optimistic, while the world around us is absolutely falling apart. Whether it's a deadly virus or some minor setback at work, we always have our reasons to feel down and hopeless about things in life.

Then why do we keep going?

We find strength in the power of one tiny word.Hope.Our entire existence is built on hope, and somewhere in life, we have all felt its impact in shaping our actions and aspirations. But can we rely on hope entirely? I don't think so. I believe it is our actions that can shape our present, and push us towards a glorious future and hope is what makes us want to perform those actions, so we can have a brighter future. 

However, there are times when life throws unexpected things at us, and we don't see things clearly. That is when we need to remember and acknowledge all the things we are grateful for and how we can show our gratitude and love to the ones around us. A simple sweet gesture for our loved ones, can elevate our wellbeing to a great amount, and allow us to find peace within ourselves.

In truth, attaining one’s own peace of mind is all about being compassionate for other fellow humans. To overcome the feeling of powerlessness, one needs to support those, who are less privileged than themselves. Even the smallest gesture, as to helping a stranger, sponsoring a meal for the needy, can have the greatest of impacts on others as well as ourselves. I hope, amidst the chaos we remind ourselves to be kind and humane to others, and always lend a helping hand to the ones who need it. I believe, only in the process of doing so, we can discover a great sense of stability and closure within ourselves.  


Deepti Dey

Team Woman Ambassadors

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