LOVE UNPLUGGED Letter #1 - I accepted myself as Bisexual - Tiyasha

Being gay in India is bane not a boon, and we all know about it. Now I don't really have a coming out story. I always knew that I was gay, that was never a question in my mind. But growing up in a small town in West Bengal meant I didn't get to meet many girls who were gay or any LGBT community members. I went to a Co-Ed school so I never felt comfortable enough to discuss about my sexuality with my friends. Homosexuality was something very abnormal to them. The only exposure I saw of any gay culture was very boyish, and that was from my laptop. And I was nothing like Shane on "L word" or the tomboys on "Lip Service" so I tried to convince myself that I was not gay, there was no way that I could be one, I thought to myself that like David Henrie, I find him cute so I must be just as normal as others. So, I tried to hide it. That was until I started dating my now ex-girlfriend Asmita. I got to know about her from one of my friends, and I was immediately drawn towards her. For the first time I felt that I wasn't the only one, I wasn't alone and this isn't some sickness or some phase. Though we only dated each other for a few months, but Asmita helped me a lot to understand myself, I saw how open and proud she was about her sexuality, she helped me to accept myself for who I am and to stand up for my rights.

Soon I found a lot of people who were like me, supporting me and then in my first year of college, I accepted myself as a bisexual. Eventually I started dating my now girlfriend Rishika, who is just as girly as I am and it's been more than a year now that we are together. I am yet to come out to my parents so as for now I haven't faced any such instances which could be named as struggle. And I feel that coming out shouldn't be a big deal, I mean Heterosexuals don't have to come out to their parents for being straight.

Homosexuality is just as equal and identical as any other sexual orientations. I am currently in a very happy and committed relationship and when the time comes I will surely come out to my family.

As for the other gay teenagers who are still not comfortable enough to come out and are still facing internal debates, I would like to say that don't let anyone make you feel ashamed, don't apologize to anyone when you tell them the truth about yourself. Be proud, be gay.  

                                                                                                                              Thank you, Tiyasha.                                                                                                                                    

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