LOVE UNPLUGGED Letter #3 - Don't confuse in Living alone & Being Lonely - Sudhir Ahuja

As an Entrepreneur who has always set his own rules and regulations and set his own social norms, I swear by the words of Steve Maraboli author of Life, the Truth and Being Free - “The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”

The Love you share with yourself is how you teach others to love you!!

In the past 50 years, living alone has become one of the most rapidly increasing social trends. As per times Magazine, Staying Single is becoming one of the most popular lifestyle choices all over the world

Most people confuse living alone with being lonely. Living alone, and being lonely, are two separate distinct conditions, but we often combine them. Singletons are generally neither lonely nor isolated. They are actually more likely to spend time with friends and family than married people, and volunteer in civic and social organizations too. Sometimes they are the ones who actively participate in Philanthropic causes.

Social isolation is not desirable. But living alone is okay. In fact, it requires affluence, social security, freedom of women, and cultural tolerance! It's hard to go solo in a poor nation or neighbourhood. Self Love is definitely high in such individuals who choses to stay single. They are also more likely to work upon self development and personal effectiveness.

It is a social stigma in developing nations but I believe even here the order of the day is changing and more people prefer staying solo.

Also, this generation has mostly grown up in a private bedroom, which means they know how to be alone. Moreover, social media has ensured that people live alone yet stay intensely connected to others.

Though many do have partners be it romantic or simple friendship a person staying single swears by the modern Day values of freedom, control of one's own time and space, and the capacity to socialise on our own terms.

As a Modern Day Enthusiast and an Entrepreneur from the F&B Industry..I do Promote socialising and support the right to choose your partner and the Right to Love…

Eat Drink and Make Merry… Love who you want to loveand Let the World be a better Place to Live.



Sudhir Ahuja



  • Abby

    Super and brilliantly casted , the right perspective to see from an unexplored angle , absolute eye opener and point nailed :) cheers

  • Shruti Juneja

    Well said✌✌

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