WA Inspirational Diaries : Meghan Markle & Prince Harry - choices that redefine tradition

It is interesting how life constantly throws inspiring examples at you to introspect and rise from. The beautiful royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle [now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex], is one such inspiration of life choices.
The choice of a life partner is possibly the single most important decision in life, as it much determines the course of one’s journey.
Prince Harry’s choice of a life partner in Meghan bears prudence to look beyond the stereotypes of race, age and royal class and deeper into the individual’s personality.
Meghan – a woman so astute through her relatively humble beginnings as a TV actress, and protagonist for gender equality – is a woman of confidence.
She is 37 and older than her husband, with a history of divorce. Biracial by color and far less affluent by class.  Yet, they chose to come together under the institution of marriage and celebrate love unplugged.
Breaking the traditional considerations in marriage, the choice by the prince is an example for all single men aspiring just a pretty woman. 
An important life choice on the part of lady Meghan was certainly to leave an ugly marriage and rise above the social judgements to re-marry.  A step many individuals fear to take in apprehensions of the newsrooms of the community. Furthermore, Re-marry not to a lesser individual but a man of equal astute is a confidence of self-worth that women often undermine.
To close, Our constant evolution for the better is perhaps the only truth to live by. Such choices in life, certainly ends to define us and revolutionize the history of traditions for an empowering future.
Picture Courtesy: BBC News/AlexiLubomirski
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