WA Inspirational Diaries- Nicky Goulomis, Helping people move their credit history along with them.

Nicky Goulomis, Founder of Nova Credit

Nicky Goulimis is the co-founder and COO of Nova Credit, the world’s cross-border consumer reporting agency. Over the years, Nova has emerged to be one of the most promising financial technology companies from Silicon Valley, all of which started with the struggles of 3 international students at Stanford, trying to set up their financial lives in the US


Originally from the UK, Stanford Graduate Nicky moved to the US to pursue her dream of getting an MBA, where she faced several struggles with credit, despite having an excellent credit history in the UK as a former consultant at Bain & Company. She was turned down for several credit cards, on the grounds of requiring U.S credit records. 

Nicky discovered common ground with her fellow international classmates, Misha Esipov and Loek Janssen, and they together, started a research project to understand the challenges faced by immigrants financially, when they move to a different country, from which was born Nova Credit, a platform which enables immigrants to transport their credit histories around the world.


Throughout her journey of Nova Credit, she found her biggest accomplishment to be helping people, to not go through a similar situation that she and many others had to go through. She thoroughly enjoys hearing stories of people who have benefitted using her program, and now dreams of having the largest presence in any major immigrant hub, including London.


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