Feeding America Project- 2020

Amidst the ongoing chaos, we are so caught up in our lives that we often forget to savour what we have. Three hearty meals a day, a roof above our heads, clean clothes to wear - some call it basic essentials, while for others it is still a luxury during these tough times.


According to psychological studies, our energy to fight any crisis really multiplies with food in our stomach - mind starts functioning right, and body responds with corrective action. Woman Ambassadors is on a quest to do every bit in contributing to fight starvation and address this basic need for Hunger. With the unyielding support from our customers, we have been able to provide 450 meals to COVID-19 hunger relief programs, through the Feeding America Network and Food Depository Chicago. 


Immersed in gratitude to see the joy that each morsel brings in. We are extremely grateful for this small start and with your support on our side, we will continue this journey to fight hunger, . Thank you for believing in us. 


For indeed, You allow us to Do, What we Do.



Deepti Dey 

Team Woman Ambassadors

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