WA Turns One - Change 101 - April 2018

 Birthdays are a beautiful reminder of the journey in time. Our 1st was as special for being a happy reminder of the purpose we started our journey with. 

40 girls from village Madhurdha in Kolkata were brought together to train their body and mind for the bigger atrocities that has risen in the urban slums.

Sir Mrityunjoy Roy - the finest in Taekwando and Self Defence in Kolkata - trained the girls on quick easy techniques over a 90 minute session. It was indeed heart-warming to see the girls participate so curiously with intensive action. 

Post the session, we treated them on some quick energy bars before following up into the meditation round. 

Training the mind for consciousness and stability is possibly as important as the physical combat situations. For this, we were delighted to have Adwityo Sengupta, teacher at the International Organisation Art of Living, to hold a 45min session filled with laughter followed by a a short meditation. Our customers, and partners couldn't resist the opportunity and joined the chance to meditate with the others. The glittering eyes and relaxed minds were indeed a pleasure sight. 

It was a sheer delight to see the girls binge on yummy Chinese, banana, cupcakes, chocolates and icecream sticks served post the sessions. With tummies full and hearts content, we shared a last gesture to close the project. 

Woman Ambassadors provided umbrellas to all girls that could be used to not only protect from the heat and incoming monsoons but also as a defence tool. With whistles attached, the umbrellas also would help the girls make an easy shout out for support.  

Thanks to customers and business partners for being the true Woman Ambassadors and helping us accomplish a journey so meaningful. 

We look forward to more of your participation from the forefront to enable change for women in India.

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