WA Inspirational Diaries #1 || STRENGTH AND FAITH. HAND IN HAND.

When the wave of anxiety drifts you away from your success, hold on tight to the roots with faith. Sharing one such inspirational story message of these ordinary under 25 girls who decided to take up their love to see through lenses with the name of VS Studio.

“We don’t shy away from sharing one of the biggest challenge we faced at start - which was losing all the priceless shots from a wedding affair. The faith which we started off and the courage to rise from the fall was what kept us moving. Running across for months we finally managed to successfully recover the data and rose back to carry it as our biggest learning making us stronger, and wiser in time.

We believe that Women are a beautiful gift to nurture mankind. Women have the will and the skill, and yes with a little strength and a little faith, we are empowered to rise for what we aspire.”
Vrinda Ganeriwala Shristi Dhandharia

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