WA Inspirational Diaries - Richa Goenka Agarwal - Dreams do not age with number

I managed to complete my B.Com (Hons) and CA Inter before marriage. At the age of 21, I was married to a joint family where impressing everyone became my new goal. Deepak was the only son of his parents. My father-in-law was going through cancer and so he was eager to see his grandson. I was expecting at the age of 23 and was blessed with a girl. His condition was getting worse. Had a son within 2 years, he was happy but this happiness didn't last long. We lost him in 2010.
It was a very difficult phase after my father-in-law passed away. At a young age of 25, I was handling two kids, the joint family, and was the mental support to my husband. I was managing the daily household chores, took over all the responsibilities, and stood by those who meant the world to me.
However, little did I realise in time, that I was losing my confidence with every passing day to go back to building a career. Until one day, when I came across a teaching course for Vedic Math. Numbers had always been my strength, so, I jumped at the opportunity and try my hands at it. Always being the first one to solve all the puzzles, I could see Vedic Math doing its magic.
After the completion of the course, I successfully re-launched myself as a Vedic Math professional and started to conduct classes for the same. The sight of the students, who were not willing to leave even at the end of the class made me feel so worthy and meaningful.
Along with this, I even started conducting classes for classical singing. Singing has always been my passion, I have been singing since I was 15 therefore, this helped me to keep my passion alive and boost my confidence altogether.
One day I thought about completing my CA to check where I stood, I registered myself and started preparing for the same. After 13 long years of my marriage, I thought of completing the incomplete. It was a really tough job to come back to that study mode, long tuition hours, videos, fat books and no friends to help. I struggling to maintain a balance between my family, kids, their studies and my studies. Though Maa and Deepak were a great help. Currently, I have appeared for the CA finals and waiting my results to be declared.
Whatever the result would be, I already feel like a winner, got my confidence and am so focused on my goal. I would like to add by saying that dreams do not age with the number. If I can, anybody can. Keep aspiring! Keep dreaming!
For the priorities that have defined you, More power to you lady.
Much Love, 
Team Woman Ambassadors