WA Inspirational Diaries - The Chinese "One Child Policy" makes girl the treasure of family - Kizzy Yang

I left China in 2013. Ever since the completion of my MBA from AIM in The Philippines, I am working in Tokyo.
Along my travel, I am surprised to see, it is very common in many Asian countries like India and Japan that women stay at home as full time house wives. In the company I am working now, all the 3 factories in Japan has no female managers. I am the only female manager in home office of Tokyo. 
Coming from a region much dominated by working women culture, I have only been surprised at the encounters. A report from U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS in 2010 states China women’s labor participation rate is almost 70%, ranking No.1, and higher than men’s labor participation rate of many European countries. Japan, which is well known as high rate of higher education participation, women’s labor participation rate is only less than 50%. While in India, this number is lower than 30% for women. Possibly, women are the main reason that India’s economy cannot surpass China.
Government support comes as a mandate to uplifting situations. After World War II, to release all the labors for rebuilding the country, Chairman Mao has promoted the slogan “women can support half of the sky”, encouraging women to work outside. This is the background of working women in China. 
Also, the One Child Policy was released around 30 years ago. In cities, every girl is the only treasure on her family, so she got all the attention and expectation from her parents. I believe this is the “Side Effect” of One Child Policy. As an only child born in China, I am very lucky.
To the women - we have to be strong, and stand still by ourselves, not rely on anyone else, because no one is more reliable than ourselves. Marriage or family are not our career. Husband can cheat on you, and kids will leave you one day. But our wisdom will not. Things always change but what we can trust is ourselves.
People tried to persuade me to get married early, as they thought family is the best destiny for a girl. They believed that too smart and capable is definitely not attractive to men. However, after I finished Business School, more guys after me, and they are far way better than the guys around me before. So, don’t be afraid to be excellent. These guys who expect his partners are less than them are cowards. Don’t expect them to respect you.
Why dream about being a princess, if you can be a queen?
Kizzy Yang
To the lady from China & now mounting her career in Japan, we wish you more power
Team Woman Ambassadors

In light of

International Women's Month 2018