He smiled. She blushed. To the beginning of a happily ever after.


Away from such day, my love stands unplugged.

Raw and Raged. Lone and Evicted.


Single is my choice. My blessing from the imperfect.

That disparaging look, once, shattered my credence.

But today, Trust me. That is the last thing on my mind.

Wrapped in self love and the greater good I believe to serve.

I rise to being wise - My Heart, I Rule.


Unplugged is when I criminalized in love.

For I tailored the tradition to where I found love.

In her or him, the rules I lay.

With pride, I stand head high in love to say.  


Let love be Unplugged.

Raw and Raged. Not so lonely, or evicted in shame.



So, Loosen the strings.

Celebrate Love. Simply Unplugged.