My Favourite Friendship Band


      We tied a knot and took the marriage vows. In each step I’d hold you tight - in the highs and the lows. Your smile, my blush. Is His grace, I trust. 

      Be there, with me - as my BFF - and we shall sail afar. In this life and more to come, I pray for us, under the shooting star.

      My Favourite Friendship Band is a simple design with a simpler message – Friendship is the bond that holds a Marriage and makes it truly beautiful with its “no expectation – no demand” formula. The black gold Mangalsutra is the traditional Indian sacred (“Mangal”) cord (“Sutra”) that is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom during the wedding rituals. The BFF (Best Friends Forever) lock is what seals the marriage cord for eternity with its un-parallel care and understanding.


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