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Economics at St. Xavers’ Calcutta. Ex-McKinsey. Ex-Deloitte. MBA from Asian Institute of Management (Philippines). ADB Japan Scholar. Management Diploma from Yale University. Leadership Awardee.

Sounds Solid?

That’s just the beginning.

A struggling guitarist, an ardent traveller and a passionate writer at Scratching her way through the conventional norms of a middle class Marwari family, Aditi is perhaps the best symbolic embodiment of the brand : young, ambitious, high-spirited, inspirational and a fanatic for perfection.

Aditi is quite a representative of the common woman who dares to dream big and break down social inhibitions to design her own fate with belief. With this, she hopes to inspire all other women to fly high and be the air beneath their wings awaiting to take off.
Aditi’s Leading value: Principles over Profits
" Woman Ambassadors is not about luxury. It is not about what is in fashion now.
It is a brand about the common and for the common men and women who want to share their unsaid expressions and work towards unfolding the unsaids of the millions of women in the developing and underdeveloped nations of the world."
 "Anyone who is considerate towards that one woman in his/her life mother, daughter, wife or friend – her aspirations, independence and power is a Woman Ambassador."
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