Woman Ambassadors is a humble initiative towards inspiring lives of young men and women with its concept jewelry designs. Breaking the stereotypes, WA dares to venture in an industry otherwise dominated by and for the elites. The brand boasts of designing jewelry that embeds emotions (of love, endurance, passion, and beauty), lifestyle and aspirations of the common.

Initiated by Aditi Poddar, a 27yr old Kolkatan born with a simple upbringing, the brand further aims to create a community of Woman Ambassadors that connects, shares and executes ideas to address women related issues in a sustainable design framework.

Making humble beginnings, Woman Ambassadors was launched on a bright clear Saturday afternoon of April at the AFRA TAFRI lounge in Calcutta.  

A short talk show sharing the brand concept and design story reads was followed by product showcase. I DREAM. I BELIEVE. is the signature story launched by jeweler mother father duo Mrs. Meena Arun Poddar. The collection is designed to inspire young women (wives and mothers) to work towards their passion in life. 


The initial response from audience (comprising of women entrepreneurs, jewelry designers, corporate dignitaries) has been very promising. Hear what the Customer Speaks

Founder Speaks

Woman Ambassadors is not about luxury. It is not about what is in fashion now.

It is a brand about the common and for the common men and women who want to share their unsaid expressions and work towards unfolding the unsaids of the millions of women in the developing and underdeveloped nations of the world."

 "Anyone who is considerate towards that one woman in his/her life mother, daughter, wife or friend – her aspirations, independence and power is a Woman Ambassador."