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Nothing is more satisfying than hearing your customers talk about your brand and believing in your vision.
Heartfelt Thank You for making us who we are.
Niki Sawansukha, Principal at Sawansukha Institute of Gemology & Jewellery Design
“We think too much and feel too little” – Charlie Chaplin.

It’s really impressive how Aditi thinks and feels it at the same time. Imagination is a power which is possessed by everyone, But to renovate it to reality is a mark of accomplishment. Aditi’s work reflects impression and her idea of “Woman Ambassadors” is really big. Her jewellery portrays a signature status. 

I wish her the best for the creativity and sanctify to lead on."  


Vatsala Khetawat, Aerospace Engineer


"I have travelled to 27 countries, but never heard this idea before” 


  Rohini Dalmia Poddar, Home-maker

“I simply adore the jewellery it's so contemporary can be easily worn on any outfit and so out of the box .. the prices are so affordable...”


  Shiksha Agarwal, Founder at The Craft Company

Beautiful heartwarming pieces *hands down* The narratives along with it makes it all the more special, whether you buy it for yourself or you gift it, it'll have an affect that'll last reallllly long.  I paused because it was #JewelleryForACause


 Tependra LohumiManagement Consultant, UAE

“I believe in your view that men are true Woman Ambassadors in enabling change.. Love the way you create men accessories to be so meaningful”


Priyal Bagaria, Corporate Finance Professional

"It is not just a piece of jewellery but has some real significance which connects to the person who owns it. I personally loved the concept of "FLY HIGH - WITH ME." While the story behind it reflects my thoughts, it's exquisite design adds to my style."







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