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We deal with our customers in good faith and trust they will return the favour.

We are happy to resolve any concerns related to the products but are unable to process any returns, exchanges or refunds for any product purchased on or outside of Each piece ordered on our website is made to order and the dimensions and images of pieces are displayed clearly.


Defective/Damaged Merchandise

While we strive to ensure that all of our products are checked for manufacturing defects, a defect may pass unnoticed in a rare case.

In such a case, please email us (along with an image of the defective piece) within 48 hours of the receipt of the product your order at and we would be happy to replace the same after verification. This is also applicable for instances where the piece has got damaged in transit. To avoid any damage in transit, we have specially designed our packaging to ensure that no pressure is applied onto the product.



Our products may contain natural embellishments like semi-precious stones, wood, resin, etc which are natural products and may contain irregularities. This is a natural feature, and will not be considered as a defect.

Colors: Since the resolution and colour composition of each computer monitor varies, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colours of products displayed on our website.