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March is here. and we wanted to reach out to you to make it more meaningful.
Surely being a woman is not easy. And, yet possibly being a girl child at a poor household in India is still considered a burden. A skewed sex ratio, poor female literacy rate at 65% at national level - a lower 46% in rural India and only 25% of the country's workforce being female - are only few alarming numbers define the grim situation and dire need to make this March socially relevant. 
So, yes as we embark on Women's Month - and you would be coming across brands offering additional discounts for their women customers.
Driven by the passion to GIVE BACK and create impact on real lives, we bring in the No Discount offer to join our drive to Educate 20 Girl Children with the purchases you make March through April.
So how does it work?
  • Shop your favourite inspirational jewelry design at No Discount and 20% of your purchase spent is directed to educate a girl child. (unlike the regular 5%)
  • No minimum purchase value needed. 
  • $1 Shipping.
  • Worried if the money will be put to use? Get Donee Child name and background details with progress reports and images in your inbox for next 1 year at 0 additional cost. 

So what is your option? JOIN THE DRIVE 

Our past project with underprivileged girls in India

Aditi - Founder 
Woman Ambassadors | Shipping Worldwide
Dear Woman, you are awesome. Dear Men, we know you agree.
Let's Make it an Impactful International Women's Month.