Despite being born in the family of diamond jewellers, Aditi could never understand the emotional value with diamonds and gold other than it shouting out "status quo". Hence, it was hard for her to adorn herself with ornaments that only spoke about one's financial status or acted as an investment. 

Based on such beliefs and inspirations drawn to overcome the patriarchal mindset across the world, the brand is a bold move to break some stereotypes - not only in the jewelry industry but also the rules laid by society that hinder a woman's self expression and growth. 

The USP of the brand is inlaid in the delivery of un-paralleled customer experience from product usage and connect.

Unlike the usual play of offering designs that are stocked by jewelry houses or creating designs based on customer budget, Woman Ambassadors champions to bring in deep thought out designs that narrate a story to inspire its bearer.

From the shape and colour of the stone in use to the intricate polish of the jewel, every design angle carries a beautiful meaning.

Such emotional connect beyond the realms of luxury and for the common has never been unfolded in the world jewelry market before.

Watch the Teaser Video below to know market reactions.